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Mobile Dairy Classroom

Teaching kids about the dairy industry is one of our priorities. Our Mobile Dairy Classroom is a traveling milking parlor, featuring a live cow and an oral presentation.

Our trained instructors will demonstrate how to milk a cow, describe how milk goes from the farm to the consumer, and then answer questions from the audience. This is an innovative program that brings the dairy experience directly to children. At schools, students and teachers share an experience that includes math, science, health (nutrition), and agriculture, all presented in an outdoor classroom format. See the Mobile Dairy Classroom video

Mobile Dairy Classroom instructors can adapt their presentations for children from elementary through high school. The program is free for schools, fairs, festivals, libraries, camps and just about everywhere. During 2019, our Mobile Dairy Classrooms made presentations to over 675,000 people at fairs, festivals, livestock shows and school settings. While our program is enjoyed by all ages, our school program is targeted at grades second through eighth, with a minimum of 200 students in those targeted grades.  The Mobile Dairy Classroom is a division of the Southwest Dairy Museum, Inc., a non-profit, educational program funded by dairymen across the Southwest and Southeast.

Each Mobile Dairy Classroom Program includes:

  • A 30- to 45-minute oral presentation (Depending on the age of audience) by a trained Instructor
  • Printed educational material for teachers and students
  • A milking demonstration

Instructors teach audiences:

  • Characteristics and anatomy of dairy cows
  • The importance of dairy foods for good health
  • The modern milking process
  • Modern environmental and food safety practices

The Mobile Dairy Classrooms are available year round to the Southwest and Southeast Dairy Region.

Currently, six instructors cover the various regions of the State of Texas:

Aaron Sanders (Serves Northeast Texas and Southeast corner of Oklahoma)

Charlotte Boyett (Serves Texas Panhandle)

Jessica Harrington (Serves Huntsville area, the North Piney Woods region, including North and East Harris county and East Texas)

Kayler Campbell (Serves Dallas County, counties south of Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Waco Region)

Steven Branecky (Serves San Antonio area)

Todd Griffin (Serves Central Texas from Abilene to Ft. Worth to Mason and Southern Oklahoma counties)

Our instructors in other states are:

Morgan Cole (Serves Virginia)

Courtney Bumgarner (Serves North Carolina)

Haley Fisher (Serves Kentucky)

Kari Hamilton (Serves Kansas)

Suzie Reece (Serves Oklahoma and Southwest Missouri)

Caroline Stiger (Serves St. Louis area and Illinois)


Due to the popularity of this free program, advance scheduling is advised. Click Here to schedule a Mobile Dairy Classroom presentation for your school.