Dairy Industry News

  • What are the health benefits of vitamin D?

    Aug 28, 2020 · Medical News Today

    A human body produces vitamin D as a response to sun exposure. A person can also boost their vitamin D intake through certain foods or supplements.Vitamin D is essential for several reasons, including maintaining healthy bones and teeth. It may also protect against a range of diseases and conditions, such as type 1 diabetes.Despite its name, vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a prohormone, or precursor of a hormone.Read Full Article

  • MVP Dairy receives B Corp certification

    Jun 9, 2020 · DairyReporter.com

    Ohio-based MVP Dairy LLC has earned B Corp TM Certification...Read Full Article

  • Dairy Defined: On World Milk Day, U.S. Dairy Celebrates American Consumers

    Jun 4, 2020 · The Bullvine

    While no one can say with certainty that the slow re-openings across the U.S. mark the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s clear these attempts to return to a more normal existence mark the end of the beginning. The world is an experiment, both of science and of societies. Outcomes will remain uncertain for months.Read Full Article

  • An Ex-Ante Analysis of the Feasibility of Fortifying Processed Cheese with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Jun 1, 2020 · Yasser Bouhlal - Oral Capps, Jr.

    Studies have been conducted in the extant literature dealing with the fortification of reduced-fatcheddar cheese with n-3 fatty acids, processed cheese fortified with fish oil emulsion, selected cheesesfortified with vegetable and animal sources of omega-3 fatty acids and the fortification of processedcheese spread with omega-3 fatty acids. But no studies currently exist that deal with the economicfeasibility of the fortification of processed cheese. This ex-ante analysis takes into account simulatedmarket conditions, via demand and supply curves, and evaluates the percentage increase in the demandfor processed cheese needed to offset the incremental costs of fortification in order to maintain producerprofitability.Read Full Article

  • Dairy Farmers assist local food banks

    May 26, 2020 · Sulphur Springs News-Telegram

    To assist with the massive number of people in need of basic nutrition during the COVID-19 crises, members of Southwest Dairy Farmers and Southland Dairy Farmers have pitched in to help their local communities, including Sulphur Springs, through donations of fluid milk and monetary contributions to 15 different food banks in six states.Read Full Article